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So much for gender equity: Should the Future be Female?

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  1. liza cowan says:

    Since you mentioned me, please allow me to tell you my interpretation of the slogan “the future is female” the shirt that was originally made in 1974 by the New York City women’s bookstore, Labyris Books. Also, please note that I worked with Otherwild to reproduce this shirt in 2015, not 1975.:

    The beauty of the phrase is that there is no precise meaning. We are asked to absorb two powerful archetypes, and to imagine them in relationship to each other. It is a dynamic phrase, a lively phrase. In order to make sense of it, we have to engage with the words. The archetype of ‘the future’ asks questions about the nature of time: When does the future begin? Where is the future? How does it happen? As an archetype, ‘female’ covers broad territories, flora or fauna. Virgin Mary or Kali. Medusa or Quan Yin. Astarte or Parvati. Bringer of peace, or destroyer of illusion. Nurturer or avenger. Mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother. Nymph, maiden, crone.

    ‘The Future is Female’ reminds me that all life formed in a matrix. Matrix means womb, matrice, mother. Life springs from the female. Whether the future starts right this second, or in a million years, it emerges from the female body; not just the body of women, but of all female sentient beings, including the body of our home, Gaia.

  2. Mark says:

    Any future that takes into account only one gender isn’t one that we should want. Feminist women don’t understand this.

    1. Jen says:

      I think outrightly saying “feminist women don’t understand this” is poor generalisation and counters what Kay explained about the true tenets of feminism

  3. Kelly*** says:

    Nice article!

  4. Leo says:

    Wow! As usual, this is a nice read and I also agree that we should be of the mindset that the Future is Us. I’ve also gotten a better understanding now of the print on the Tee from the first comment, thanks Liza 🙂

  5. Yejide says:

    Beautifully written!!

  6. Jen says:

    I never looked at that slogan from this perspective, Kay. (It’s currently my wallpaper)
    But I totally agree that if we only think towards one gender, we will end up tipping the balance.
    However, I think maybe we need to push for females till there is a balance. Kind of like you need two buckets of water – You go to the bathroom and see there’s already a full bucket of water; you’ll focus on filling an empty one till they’re both equally full.
    From Liza’s comment as well, I like her interpretation – The future is female because life comes from us and there can be no future without us (childbirth); anyways, this goes both ways and still supports your point because there can be no future (childbirth) without men too.
    Thanks for the read Kay; forces one to think.
    I definitely will never see that slogan the same again and will be more conscious of equality.

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