People are the greatest resources any organization can have. Amoré is home to a number of incredible people. Meet them here!

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Daniel Honour is an avid follower of sports. He especially loves football. He has  been an Arsenal supporter for over 13 years. He is also a sports writer and sports editor for amore.ng.

He is a graduate of Mass Communication from Caleb University, Lagos. He also has an Advanced Level Diploma in Law and Sociology from Cambridge.

He loves reading and watching documentaries about business, inspiration and history. He also loves playing video games (EA Sports’ FIFA, especially).

Daniel is also a pastor. He loves kids and volunteers to help kids grow to be better individuals and citizens through education, motivation and sports.



Grace Okogwu is a twenty something year old debutante, with a religious love for sleep, poetry and err… guys sporting beards. She is a tri-linguist, (English, French and German), who struggles to speak her native dialect (shame on you Grace).

On a sad day, Grace writes poetry (mainly about mushy stuff) and on a good day, laughs till her tummy hurts.

Grace obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Languages from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

For fun, Grace watches movies while snacking, takes millions of selfies (and eventually, shares the finest on social media), and writes fiction (pretty boring right? We agree).

Presently, she works as a content creator for a media startup somewhere in the heart (or is it liver?) of Lagos. Her goals and dreams in life are numerous and include getting the entire “Sue Grafton A-Z Investigation” series and putting on an extra 20 kg before the year runs out.

Grace  hates the hold-up in Lagos (but is gradually getting over it as, “she no fit do anything about am“).

She feels that stars like Bobrisky, Speed Darlington and Princess Vitarah should be awarded for contributing to huge part of gossip content in media, (for which she’s grateful for).

She lives the better part of her life pondering on life, the meaning of existence, God and why she’s so comfortable with writing about herself in the third person.

With time, Grace knows she’ll conquer life and come into any place like ‘Bang da da dang’.

Kay Ugwuede Bio Profile


Kay Ugwuede was born Kosisochukwu Winifred Ugwuede in the eastern heartland of Enugu. The first is her powerful pen name.

She is a graduate of Microbiology/Biochemistry from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Writing, however, held a stronger appeal than culturing microorganisms in a dingy lab somewhere on the map. So, Kay chose writing.

Kay has worked as an Online Content Creator for Business Day Limited, Nigeria’s leading business publication. She curated/created text and video content for the web platform and contributed immensely to it’s growth in quality, quantity and reach.

At Amoré, she is creating, curating and editing text based content for the web platform as well as producing a web series as her alter ego, Mr. Reuben.

Kay utterly loves music but only sings in the shower, Kay is quiet and loud, Kay is socially awkward and extroverted, Kay is a body of beautiful parallels.

When she’s not conversing and conniving with her alter ego (Mr. Reuben) on the next hot gender topics, she buries her head in books and writes poems about lost loves and beautiful libraries.

On her more serious days, Kay loves to write social commentaries and feature articles critiquing governance in Nigeria, lifestyle and culture.



Simi Badiru is a young media enthusiast. Her interests mainly lie in radio. However, she is extremely versatile and is an absolute diva in front of the camera.

She loves being able to voice her thoughts and opinions to the world and believes that her ideas can resonate with, and affect thousands of people around the world without her physically meeting them.

She draws inspiration from the likes of Toolz and Toke Makinwa hopes to, one day, be as big or even bigger than them in the industry.