We Are Amoré

Amoré is a Nigerian multi-platform media and entertainment company. We attempt to accurately and respectfully narrate the tales of the everyday life of the Nigerian (home and abroad).


As a media company, we remain passionate about providing crisp, fresh and relevant content. Our content thrives in the converging media space which appeals to the “mass-clusives” and those curious about Africa.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers (or maybe even any). However, we are going on a journey to discover ourselves and the environments in which we find ourselves.  

As a company with a flexible culture, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We beg you not to either (there are only two certain things in life – death and taxes!).  We want to challenge the status quo and we want to help be part of the change so desperately needed in our communities.  

We ask you to join us on this journey by contributing, engaging, provoking, evoking and sharing but we only ask that you do so with a modicum of kindness.  Life is already hard, let’s not make it any harder!

Read something that means something.

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